Thursday, 15 December 2011

100 Word Review - #5 - Fortix 2

Is it too cheap to go straight up?
Fortix 2

Genre - Indie, Casual

Metascore - 73%

Developer - Nemesys Games

Other Games by Developer - Fortix, Ignite

My Current Playtime - 1.9 hours

You have an area to capture. You capture by drawing lines. While trying to avoid enemies. Sounds familiar, right? But does what you're thinking of have Dragons? Or Catapults? If the answer is yes, we're on totally different tracks here. ‘Fortix 2’ is a fun little game, and contains all of the levels from the original, so should give you a reasonable amount of gameplay. There isn’t much of a difficulty curve, but it should keep you coming back.  This clearly owes a lot to 'Qix', and if you've enjoyed that or one of its many clones, you'll enjoy this.

My Score- 7/10

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