Saturday, 14 January 2012

Not Long Left

It's mostly been a week of boredom for me - I haven't been working, I haven't had any money and most importantly, I haven't been gaming. What I have been doing is watching stuff on Netflix, while I try and decide whether to keep it past it's trial month. It has impressed me so far - the quality is fantastic, and there hasn't been constant buffering like there can be on other VoD sites. The catalogue, while lacking more recent films, has a good collection of cult and indie films, past blockbusters and some crap I've never heard of. It also features a huge collection of TV shows, both past and present. We'll see what happens at the end of the month.

I've also started to read Chuck Palahniuk's 'Fight Club', because, like pretty much everyone, I enjoyed the film, and have been told that the book is even better. I'm only 4 chapters in, but I'm coming down on the side of the film so far. I've also been told what to read next, which will be 'Choke', also by Palahniuk.

The reviews on the blog have been in good hands during my brief hiatus, but I've felt a bit left out, so I've written a review (without playing the game recently), and we'll see how that turns out, as I generally like to play a game for a bit before reviewing it. I'll probably publish that and another review from Tom at some point tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'll be going to the Liberty Stadium to watch the mighty Swans probably get trounced by Arsenal. It's something to do, I suppose. (Ticket courtesy of Alun).

So, not long left now, then maybe I can quench this endless boredom. How about a nice game of chess?

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