Saturday, 17 March 2012

100 Word Review - #S2 - Super Meat Boy

Challenging does not even begin to
describe this game
Super Meat Boy

Genre - Casual, Indie

Metascore - 87%

Developer - Team Meat

Other Games by Developer - N/A

Stef's Playtime - 33.7 hours

Super Meat Boy is by no means an original concept in the slightest, but it's polish and charm is enough to make this 2D run and jump platformer stand out. In case you're fed up with easy games SMB is hard... REALLY hard and you will die a lot. Frustration is often converted to elation when you complete the particularly tricky levels. The controls are tight and the platforming flows really well, this along with instant respawns keeps the frustration from getting to controller snapping levels. With 300+ levels in the main game, SMB will keep you entertained for hours.

Stef's Score - 8/10 

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