Thursday, 29 March 2012

100 Word Review - #T18 - Alien Swarm

Nothing extraordinary, but it does the job.

Genre - Action

Metascore - 77%

Developer Valve

Other Games by Developer - Left 4 Dead 2Half-Life 2

My Playtime - 5.0 hours

As a Valve title, you probably know where this review is heading. Alien Swarm is a top-down 4-player co-op shooter which pits your team against grotesque aliens with a number of objectives. The game is relatively nicely balanced as long as you have a few friends along for the ride, and given that its absolutely free, there's no excuse not to. The standard campaign is only a few levels long but there are some fantastic community maps which add to the lifespan significantly. While probably not as good as TF2, Alien Swarm is still par-for-the-course from Valve.

My Score - 7/10

1 comment:

  1. Also it has a bunch of cool weapons to unlock. And it fares much better as other top-down-shooters i played like dead horde or bunch of heroes.

    Judging a game that is absolutely free sure ain't easy, especially as the fun you have in Alien Swarm depends on your teammates to a certain degree and it has almost no singleplayer.

    Nevertheless it is a good game and great fun to play with friends.