Monday, 9 April 2012

MattDoesWords' Excellent Adventure

Answers on a postcard...or in the comments.
I'm writing this a few days after the blog’s 5000th view. Less than a month ago, it had garnered a little over 1000 views over 3 months.

On the 15th March I finally decided to try and get the blog out into the general public. I posted a little message on the Steam, Rock Paper Shotgun and Escapist forums introducing people to the blog and asking for any comments people may have. The response I got was simply overwhelming; there was a lot of useful constructive criticism and not a single troll or flamer. Kudos to you, gamers!

The points that were made most often were the need for an index of all of the reviews, (which I finally got around to making with a giant wall of HTML) and to play the games for longer, which I acknowledge that I need to do. Sometimes though, the game is either so boring or unplayable that it is just impossible to get more playtime without ripping my hair out. Tom will be writing a little piece that I’m looking forward to about how he reviews his games and how he gets to the scores that he gives them. I’ve also recruited a couple of new reviewers through the forums, Edgar and James.

For the 5 days following my posts, the blog had an average of 520 views per day, which is just unbelievable. Although it has tapered down quite a bit to around 50 views a day, it’s still a lot more than I was getting beforehand. I’ve decided that I am going to publish a review every other day, which I feel is quite manageable for myself and my wonderful fellow reviewers.

Something we’ve got coming up is an ‘About Us’ page so you can know who we all are, and maybe begin your quest to stalk us. That should hopefully be up and running by the end of the week.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading our reviews so far, and I hope you will all continue to read and enjoy our assorted ramblings about some great, and some not so great games.

Matt x 

P.S. I’ve got a spare Indie Gala 3 bundle that contains 7 games (6 Steam redeemable), 3 game-inspired music albums and a digital comic. The first person to correctly guess the font used in the expertly photoshopped image above gets it.


  1. Am I still allowed to enter even though I write reviews? I'm guessing Comic Sans.

    1. If you don't have the bundle, you're welcome to it.