Friday, 1 June 2012

100 Word Review - #49 - Dino D-Day

You're damn right I'm a T-Rex!
Dino D-Day

Genre - Action

Metascore - 53%

Developer - 800 North and Digital Ranch

Other Games by Developer - N/A

My Playtime - 2.1 hours

In an alternative universe, the Nazis got around to resurrecting dinosaurs. Dino D-Day allows us to experience this insanity. If you can look past the inclusion of dinosaurs, you have a pretty standard WWII FPS, and to be honest, I did look past the dinosaurs as I found them to be ineffective when going against the humans. I first tried this during the last Steam sale and it was quite fun, mainly because there were loads of new people playing the game. Six months on and there were only 15 available servers, and only one of those had people playing.

My Score - 4/10

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