Tuesday, 5 June 2012

100 Word Review - #51 - Bulletstorm

"Burn, baby burn..."

Genre - Action

Metascore - 82%

Developer - People Can FlyEpic Games

Other Games by Developer - Painkiller: Black Edition, Unreal Tournament 3 Black

My Playtime - 3.8 hours

The market is saturated with FPSs of different qualities, and they can all get a bit samey. That’s why it’s refreshing when something different comes along. Bulletstorm’s gameplay is quite standard FPS fare (apart from the ability to pull and kick people all over the place), but the silliness of the script and the world in general sets it apart from some of the more sombre, if more technical and simulation FPSs – I was hooked when it had me fighting a mini-boss to the tune of Disco Inferno. Bulletstorm rewards you for killing in different ways and therefore stays fresh.

My Score - 8/10

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