Monday, 12 December 2011

100 Word Review - #2 - Puzzle Agent

Many of the puzzles are the same, I counted 4 of these
Many of the puzzles are just slight alterations of earlier ones
Puzzle Agent

Genre - Adventure, Casual


DeveloperTelltale Games

Other Games by DeveloperSam and Max, Back to the Future: The Game

My Current Playtime – 2.7 hours            

Anyone who’s played a Telltale game before should know what to expect – constant pointing and clicking. This is pretty much a knock off of the ‘Professor Layton’ games on the DS, and doesn’t come anywhere close to the quality of it. I completed it in less than 3 hours, in which there were only 37 puzzles. The puzzles are easy and repetitive and the art style is distracting. The story redeems slightly and the voice acting reminds me of the excellent ‘Fargo’. If you want a good puzzle game, get your hands on a DS emulator and ‘Professor Layton’ ROM.

My Score – 3/10

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