Monday, 12 December 2011

Indie Extravaganza

I love games. I especially love games when they are dirt cheap. The main reason I have so many games in my Steam catalogue is because of Steam sales. Actually, the main reason is that I seem to have no self restraint when it comes to my money (but that's another story for another time). Recently though, a new way for developers to take my money has come around - indie game bundles. It started off with the Humble Bundle, of which there have been 8, and we now also have Indie Royale which is currently in it's 4th iteration.

The Humble Bundles allow you to set your own price for a collection of (normally) 4 indie games. You can also dictate how you want the money split between the developers, gaming charities, and the running costs of the website itself. I was originally paying the minimum of $0.01, but I am now pushing the boat out at $5.00 a pop (because I am a generous person).

The Indie Royale bundles of (again, normally 4) indie games starting at £1.99. You can choose to pay the minimum which will then raise the minimum price for the next buyer, or you can choose to pay more, which will drop the minimum. You can go from paying £7 to drop the price by a penny, to paying £65 which will drop the price by 55p. I, of course have been buying them for the minimum as soon as possible.

I estimate that these bundles have added around over 50 games to my collection, and my friends have also benefited by receiving copies of the games I already had.

So, you've learned two things really. Firstly, the new trend of indie bundles are a great way to pick up some obscure titles that you wouldn't normally look at (It's how I found 'The Binding of Isaac'). Secondly, I am cheap. So there.

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