Tuesday, 10 January 2012

100 Word Review - #K2 - Portal 2

The multiplayer is good too
Portal 2

Genre - Action, Adventure

Metascore - 95%

Developer - Valve

Other Games by Developer - Portal Left 4 Dead 2,

Kris' Current Playtime - 16.1 hours

It is a bit obvious but this is my favourite game of last year. It was the perfect sequel to an amazing game. I like that there were new game constructs such as the gels but not too much to take away from the portaling heart. The story and comedy definitely need a big mention as they elevate a clever puzzle game into a true fan favourite. Everytime I see or hear Steve Merchant, I now think of Wheatley. GLaDOS is as funny as ever and I loved the idea of Cave Johnson. A truly modern classic in every respect.

Kris' Score - 10/10

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