Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cold Turkey

So, because of an off the cuff remark from my fellow reviewer Kris, I will not be playing any games for 7 whole days. This means that I will have to go cold turkey 'till next Tuesday (17/1/12). I'll still be logging into Steam for chat and possible game purchases, and I may pop online on PSN while using Netflix, but you have my word that I will not play any PC/PS3/360/DS/Android games until my time has been served. You'll just have to trust me. Yes, I will be bored, and yes, other people will have to write all of the sexy reviews, but it will be worth it just to prove a point. Fuck you, Kris.

1 comment:

  1. Just 7? A friend's boyfriend gave them up for 125 days. Well, he's still doing it as of now.


    Worst image is the Christmas one of him holding his brand new Zelda game. :(