Monday, 9 January 2012


Paul Tillich once said, "Boredom is rage spread thin." so to save those around me from feeling that ever-thickening rage, I decided to get myself a new hobby. And following on from my fantastic haiku the other day, I will be continuing my Japanese odyssey and starting to do origami.

Need to end boredom
Origami could save me;
Will upload results

To start me off, I have bought a page-a-day origami desk calendar. This is so I will have a steady stream of origami to create throughout the year. Also, it should help me keep track of the date, which is always useful. Other than that, I may buy some nice coloured squares of paper and do some extra manic folding, or I may not - it depends if I enjoy doing it. And as my also fantastic second haiku states, I will post pictures of my creations for all to see.

UPDATE 10/1/12 - I've had to put a pin in this because of lack of funds :(

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