Wednesday, 1 February 2012

100 Word Review - #18 - Breath of Death VII

Not for graphics whores.
Breath of Death VII

Genre - RPG, Indie

Metascore - N/A

Developer - Zeboyd Games

Other Games by Developer - Cthulu Saves the World

My Current Playtime - 3 hours

I long for a decent JRPG on Steam and I think I may have found one. ‘BoD VII’ is a parody of the entire genre that is filled with humour that will, at times, cause you to burst out laughing. Of course, it’s tailored to fans of classic JRPGs, with it’s difficulty, graphics and gameplay set back in the early NES years. It is short at around 4 hours long but it’s free with Zeboyd’s ‘CStW’, so you can’t really expect much in terms of longevity. This is a great way to fill a few hours on a slow day.

My Score - 7/10

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