Thursday, 8 March 2012

100 Word Review - #22 - NightSky

Absolutely stunning

Genre - Strategy, Indie, Casual

Metascore - 78%

Developer - Nicalis

Other Games by Developer - Cave Story+

My Current Playtime - 2.4 hours

‘NightSky’ is a deceptively simple puzzle platformer in which you play as a little glass orb that rolls around a beautiful twilight world, trying to solve puzzles and get to the next screen. You sometimes have the use of special powers, like being able to invert gravity, although these powers can also be forced upon you to add an extra challenge. There are also various contraptions (such as flying machines) that get you through the levels. It is quite short but there is a higher difficulty available. I’m pleasantly surprised and sorry that I've overlooked this game for so long.

My Score - 8/10

1 comment:

  1. Really loved this game. It has a very nice soothing atmosphere because of its relaxing tunes and dreamy backgrounds. It's a shame then that the game is so very short. Luckily for me I got it as part of a bundle, but if I had paid full price for it then I would have been unhappy.