Friday, 3 February 2012

100 Word Review - #T10 - The Sims Medieval

Easier to kill Sims in this one too.
The Sims Medieval

Genre – Simulation


DeveloperElectronic Arts

Other Games by DeveloperMedal of Honor

Tom's Current Playtime – 58.9 Hours

Never before has a game title been so indicative of said game's content, “The Sims Medieval” is pretty much standard “Sims” affair but set in the medieval era. Customisation is scaled back drastically to account for the limits present in medieval architecture and textiles, but in return you receive the advent of quests. The quests are nicely varied and add an actual point to the game, catering for those who complained “The Sims” lacked a true purpose. Very fun to play with a broad selection of features, the few nitpicks present knock the score down a peg.

Tom's Score8/10

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