Monday, 2 April 2012

100 Word Review - #35 - Peggle Nights

Oh shit, I have to be in work in 10 minutes...
Peggle Nights

Genre - Casual, Family

Metascore - 76%

Developer - PopCap Games Inc

Other Games by Developer - Plants Vs. Zombies, Bejewled 3

My Playtime - 2.9 hours

You can take my playtime here with a pinch of salt. I have played Peggle Nights and its predecessor for at least 50 hours, and have loved every single minute. Peggle has a simple premise - use some balls to try and clear some pegs. Each level is set out like a Pachinko board, and the balls bounce from peg to peg, building up a bigger score. It can get exasperatingly difficult at some times, especially towards the end of the challenges, but as you load it up to pass an hour you will wonder where all your time went.

My Score - 9/10

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