Monday, 16 April 2012

100 Word Review - #T20 - Flight Control HD

If you can land more than 150 aircraft,
 I have some serious respect for you.
Flight Control HD

Genre - Action, Family, Casual

Metascore - 88% (iOS)

Developer Firemint

Other Games by Developer - None

Tom's Playtime - 90 Minutes

Apparently I'd be no good as an air traffic controller. FCHD is a fun game, the sole premise being that you have to juggle planes and helicopters which need to land on specific runways without any of them crashing into each other. There are about 8 different levels of varying difficulty and it becomes genuinely hard after a while trying to keep track of what's going on but without becoming too frustrating. Nothing astounding, FCHD is ultimately harmless, an enjoyable game to kill a bit of time with nice replay value, though probably better suited to mobile devices than PCs.

Tom's Score - 7/10

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