Wednesday, 16 May 2012

100 Word Review - #S5 - Rock of Ages

Nothing can stop the rock
Rock of Ages

Genre - Action, Racing, Indie, Strategy

Metascore - 74%

Developer - ACE Team

Other Games by Developer - Zeno Clash

Stef's Playtime - 4 hours

Marble Madness meets Tower Defence, ACE Team clearly didn't want this title to be pigeon holed. Set up your defences of elephants, catapults, fans and explosive barrels, then roll your boulder down a winding hill towards the enemy's gate while avoiding their defences. Each run allows you and your enemy to add more defences which makes each attempt that bit harder. The very colourful and Monty Python-esque art style really complements this wacky title. RoA is not a game to sit and play for hours but it's great fun to pick up once in a while for a quick roll.

Stef's Score - 7/10

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