Thursday, 10 May 2012

100 Word Review - #T23 - Hoard

Flame on!

Genre - Action, Strategy, Casual, Indie

Metascore - 65%

Developer Big Sandwich Games

Other Games by Developer - N/A

Tom's Playtime -  2.4 hours

If ever the genre “Casual” was meant for a game, it was probably this. Hoard is a fun little title, in which you play a dragon competing against none or more dragons to collect the most treasure via destruction, intimidation and the such. The gameplay actually gets quite frantic towards the end of each stage as towns become better guarded and wizards show up, but Hoard earns its casual tag from the fact that playing any single session of decent length becomes dull as there is very little variance. However, as a game to play occasionally, it's very enjoyable.

Tom's Score - 7/10

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