Tuesday, 13 December 2011

100 Word Review - #3 - Terraria

Have you ever wanted a lakeside log cabin?

Genre - Action, Indie, Adventure, RPG



Other Games by Developer – N/A

My Current Playtime – 16.8 hours

‘Terraria’ is an addictive game. You start with simple tools and have to rush to build a house before night-time and you get mauled by some zombies. When you’ve built your shelter, you dig down, waaaaaaay down. The rest of the time is spent trying to find ores to craft better tools, find new areas and pretty much becoming awesome. The developers have recently doubled the amount of content in the game, and are planning to keep adding. I would highly recommend bringing others along for some mining fun, especially when the difficulty starts to increase when visiting new areas.

My Score8/10

1 comment:

  1. I've lost a good 70 hours of my life to this game. Played it by myself back in 2011, and now again with some friends who got it during the summer sale. 'Terraria is an addictive game.' is an understatement IMO. Like the reviews, keep 'em coming.