Friday, 9 March 2012

100 Word Review - #T14 - And Yet It Moves

Paper humans are also quite frail.
They don't really like terminal velocity either...
And Yet it Moves

Genre – Indie, Casual


DeveloperBroken Rules

Other Games by Developer – N/A

Tom's Current Playtime – 0.9 hours

Ever since the success of “Half-Life 2”, game developers have been clamouring to jump on the already overcrowded Physics bandwagon. “AYiM” is your standard platform affair with the literal twist that you must rotate the level, altering the direction of gravity, in order to get through each stage. For the most part, this works nicely and “AYiM” manages to engage the brain without becoming egregious in puzzle frequency. That being said, it can quickly become frustrating with a few of the more difficult situations borderline sadistic, making “AYiM” a game that leaves a slightly bitter after-taste.

Tom's Score – 6/10

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